The Pizza Pizza Loop Hole

FoodI attended the game yesterday at the ballpark formerly known as Skydome. It was a sloppy affair and we lost, but because we struck out 7 Brewers we were told our ticket stub would entitle us to a free slice of pizza at any Pizza Pizza location in the city.

As an experiment, I opted to have my tickets emailed to me. I recieved a PDF containing the six tickets I ordered and I printed them myself. Here's where we find a loop hole in their Pizza Pizza promotion that I could exploit throughout the day until 16:00 EST this afternoon.

I printed my ticket stub and there's nothing stopping me from printing this PDF dozens and dozens of times. I'm essentially printing money, redeeming each ticket a multitude of times at various Pizza Pizza locations throughout the city. The promotion is ideal for Pizza Pizza when only one ticket stub is printed and delivered to each customer, but when you empower the customer to print their own ticket, you empower them to print their own coupon for one free slice.

Mmmmmmm, loop holes.

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