Harper Hypocrisy

OttawaThat was some drama on Parliament Hill the other night. The Liberals teamed up with the NDP and the Bloc and used an obscure rule that allows parties to cut off debate when they feel one party is obstructing the business of Parliament. It was quite the gamble, but a successful one as the budget passed by a 152-147 vote.

Since the Conservatives were outsmarted that Thursday night, it's been all sour grapes. Peter MacKay compared the Liberals to Hannibal Lecter, others called it sneaky and Harper called it undemocratic. What's killing me is the hypocrisy of it all. The Conservatives have been very vocal for months that they would do whatever it takes to bring down this government and defeat this budget. They would resort to any loop hole in the book, bragging about how they intended to stall Parliament and force an election. The Liberals fight back and are suddenly sneaky?

Harper thought he sensed a moment during the public outcry resulting from Gomery and he went for the juggular. Harper failed and is only losing popularity in this country. Watching him drop in the polls reaffirms my belief that this is the greatest nation in the world.

Next we legalize same-sex marriage. Harper will lose this battle too, and that's a good thing for everyone.

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