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Ink StainAnyone is welcome to submit a Guest Blog Entry to I received the following submission earlier today.

Good day to all!

I thought this might make for a interesting concert review. On Thursday of last week I traveled from Calgary (major flooding) to Barrie (major flooding) to catch one of the only five Tom Green concerts in support of his new Rap CD! Yes I flew all the way just for this, and a visit to Paramount's kick ass Wonderland, I also work for the tenacious Air Canada so no biggie. Well the show was fantastic. Tom Green has great flow, spitting rhymes with impressive delivery and style. The content was funny but not stupid. He was backed up by Mike Simpson of the Dust Brothers, who supplied some sick beats that had some excellent hooks. Funky stuff with some hardcore kick. The beats were very solid. Antics included stuffed animals for everyone, tinfoil robot suits, scrambled eggs and other fun stuff. Tom was very personal with the crowd rapping directly to all of us in the front row at any given moment. Concert was at the Foundation in Barrie, a great venue for the show. Anyways it was better than I had hoped it would be, I'm looking forward to the CD, but am hoping for a concert bootleg to surface soon, I'm dying to re-listen to the tracks.... So keep your ear out for the new stuff in the fall.

P.S. Does anybody else know about the Rob Baker side project called the Stripper's Union? It comes out today and I am very eager to have a listen.


I was reading about Tom Green's rap project this weekend. I well remember Organized Rhyme, his rap outfit back in the day. "Check the O.R." was a guilty pleasure of mine. The video was filmed in a Food City at Jane and Finch which I thought was pretty cool since I was working at another Toronto Food City at the time. Another cool fact was the fact they were signed by the excellent Dream Warriors, which explains the Jane and Finch connection.

As for Rob Baker's supergroup, I was just reading up on them yesterday here. Hitting shelves today, "Stripper's Union Local 518" features 13 tracks written by the super-duo of Baker and Craig Northey from Vancouver band Odds. Fleshing out the quartet are Pat Stewart (Odds, Matthew Good Band), Doug Elliott (Odds, Colin James), and Simon Kendall (Doug and the Slugs, Colin James). Sounds good.

Check the O.R., you like it so far?

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