Foo Frustration

CDI've been looking forward to hearing the new double album from the Foo Fighters for a while now. Yesterday, I got the CD and excitedly put it in my CD ROM drive on my personal computer and heard absolutely nothing. Even if I explored the CD ROM drive it wouldn't recognize the disc. This was the case for both "In Your Honor" CDs.

I managed to read the disc on my work PC and decided to rip it to MP3. First of all, this copy protected CD tried to install some piece of crap software on my system that would play the tunes. When I cancelled this installation, the CD ejected. If I wanted to play the disc, I had to install the piece of crap software. I managed to rip the discs to MP3 without installing the software, but when I played the files back the songs stuttered as if they were skipping. Not one MP3 was salvagable. Whatever that piece of crap copy protection software they've got on "In Your Honor" is, it prevents me creating a decent MP3 from it. What a frustrating turn of events. There has got to be a better way. If you shell out $20 for a CD, you should be able to rip it to MP3 to play on your MP3 player.

I've ripped 718 discs successfully, and I'm not about to be beat by Sony and the Foo Fighters. I've got a few more tricks up my sleeve and I'll share the results here. I want my Foo and I want my Foo in MP3.

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