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BinocularsI'm not ashamed to admit that for the most part, I thoroughly enjoy Tom Cruise movies. He's a pretty damn consistent performer, almost always doing a good job in a good movie. I suppose you could say I'm somewhat of a Tom Cruise fan.

Over the past two months, Tom Cruise seems to have lost it. I don't actively seek celebrity news, but you can't miss the headlines of late, all of them providing further evidence that he's gone bonkers. As far as I can tell, this all started in April when we learned that he and sweet Katie Holmes were an item. It's been a slippery slope ever since.

Tom Cruise watching has been a pretty entertaining sport this spring. What will he do or say next? Will it be more anti-psychiatry crusading? More lashing out at fellow celebrities who treat their clinical afflictions with medicine? Something to do with Scientology perhaps? Or will he come up with something completely out of the blue?

Stay tuned. Tom Cruise is imploding in front of our very eyes.

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