The Sincerest Form of Matrimony

WeddingI'm not one of those royal watchers. You know the type. They monitor every move the royal family makes, completely buy into the whole pomp and circumstance and actually care about the integrity of this archaic monarch institution.

This morning, while visiting with my mom, I caught a bit of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles' blessing the Gothic St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle. In my humble opinion, this marriage was most likely the sincerest marriage in the history of this royal family. Against all odds and with all the negative press that came with it, Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles married out of a long standing and undeniable love for one another. Isn't that a rarity.

Many who continue to pray at the alter of Lady Di were displeased that the less attractive Camilla Parker Bowles would now be the new Princess of Wales. Others judged Charles for being with Bowles while married to the aforementioned Lady Di and consider her a home-wrecker. 70% of Britain don't want Bowles to be Queen when Elizabeth II passes away, should Charles be crowned King. The British press went nuts with all of the above causing Charles to lash out with his "these bloody people" comment. This marriage was not popular and not even the Queen herself showed up at the civil ceremony. It would have been quite easy for these two to live life as a couple without actually getting married. In the end, that wasn't acceptable. They wanted to be husband and wife.

True love is cool like that. You simply can't deny it.

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