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SLS SubmissionI recently submitted a couple of tunes for SLS13 consideration. I submitted "Finding Out True Love Is Blind" from Louis XIV and "Goodnight Goodnight" from Hot Hot Heat.

I heard "Finding Out True Love Is Blind" a few times and each time thought "this is really good, perfect for SLS, who the hell is it?". It turns out it's Louis XIV and worthy of our strong consideration.

Now this is a delayed reaction. I was first sent the MP3 for Hot Hot Heat's "Goodnight Goodnight" about two months ago. I listened eagerly because I've enjoyed previous singles from this band, and I liked it, but I was sure it wasn't SLS material because it's quite poppy. Two months later, I'm really enjoying "Goodnight Goodnight" and it might slip in there. It's on the bubble.

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