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SoccerSome people have told me they check this page daily but skip all the sports-related entries. Others have told me they do the opposite. This Ottawa Sports Blog even lists my site as a Hockey Blog.

The fact of the matter is I simply write about whatever I feel like writing about. I never stop to consider whether the entry is particularly interesting or appealing to others. I write about it because it's interesting to me and since nobody is donating to the cause, that's all that matters. Sports is a big part of my life and therefore well represented in these pages. Here are some random sports-related thoughts I have bouncing around in my head this morning.

  • The Jays almost swept. We were so close, dammit!
  • Our women can sure play hockey. Thus far we've beat Kazakhstan 13-0, Russia 12-0 and Sweden 10-0. A combined 35-0, not bad!
  • The Raptors are dead to me...until next fall.
  • I must remember to post something I wrote nine years ago about Roberto Alomar. It's an interesting read in light of his recent retirement.
  • When we need it most, there is The Coalition To Save Hockey - I particularly dig the theme song.
  • Raging Storm, my slo-pitch team, has voted on whether we should keep stats this season. The overwhelming response is "Yes", but many don't want our names listed in order from the highest batting average to the lowest.
  • I'm in a Masters Pool again this year. I'll write about that in a sec...

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