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Re: Who we can and can't vote for.

The idea of throwing your vote away for someone perceived as a no-hope candidate/party is nothing more than a self-fulfilling prophecy. The only reason that you think that way is because everyone else does too. If we could somehow break that mentality then perhaps we'd have a better shot at getting the right people for the job in office.

      Mike H.

Of course you're right, but to this day I blame Nader for Dubya's victory in 2000. I remember Pearl Jam supporting his bid and urging their fans to vote for him, and we all know how slim that Dubya "victory" was.

The fact of the matter is the NDP will not win a federal election. My fear in voting for that party is that it will, in essence, help the Conservative Party candidate in my riding win, and that would kill me. Is it a self-fulfilling prophesy or an unfortunate reality. I'd say it's both.

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