Google Prowess, Image Style

GoogleI enjoy monitoring the search strings that bring people to this site via search engines. There are certain searches that have always brought me a number of new visitors and it was always interesting to keep an eye on this. For example, right now I'm getting a lot of hits from people searching for Edgefest 2005 Toronto.

At some point in the past month, Google decided to index all of my images for their image search. This has thrown my search referrals out of whack. Suddenly, my site is getting tonnes of hits from people searching popular terms like "Toronto Blue Jays", "Family Guy" and "Pearl Jam". It's entirely deceiving because these people are searching via the the Google Image Search and are only interested in stealing the images you see attached to each blog entry. They don't come to this page, yet their searches are intertwined with regular web searches.

On the positive side, I've achieved my dream of being well ranked when one searches for Family Guy. On the negative side, it's smoke and mirrors as they're only after this.

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