A Sobering Thought

CanadaStephen Harper could very well win a minority government when we next go to the polls to vote in our federal election. The Liberal party is falling from their perch atop the food chain thanks to damning testimony at the sponsorship inquiry, headed by Justice John Gomery.

I fear many will cast their vote for Harper's Conservative party as a way of punishing the Liberal party. The problem, as I see it, is that Paul Martin is too intertwined with this scandal and with him at the helm all integrity is lost. Harper could win by default despite the fact most Canadians, particularly here in Ontario, disagree with his agenda with regards to social issues.

Damn the Liberal party and this bloody scandal. The thought of Prime Minister Stephen Harper turns my stomach. Most Canadians want to cast their vote for the Liberal party, but need to know integrity has been restored and that means changes at the top. Although this is unlikely to happen, I'd like to see Martin replaced as leader with someone with no ties to the sponsorship scandal so we don't have to sacrifice our strong social beliefs by voting against the big red machine.

Harper for PM? Not if I can help it.

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