Storm Fear

HurricaneI love my mom, but she has a problem. She's addicted to storm fear.

Every time the weather forecast calls for snow I can expect an email or instant message from her alerting me that the storm of the century is on its way. She starts tuning in the news and buying the hype. A few flakes on the ground and I'm being warned to stay off the roads, hide in the cellar and tune into my crank radio for further information.

Last night, for instance, I received both a concerned email and instant message from her ensuring I was aware Toronto was going to be pummelled with the white stuff. Once again, the storm didn't live up to the media-driven hype that my mother feasts upon.

I truly believe this is an addiction. There's an adrenaline rush associated with impending danger that people thrive on. Human nature promotes exaggeration and expectation of a worst case scenario at all times. Sadly, my mom is part of this hyperbole machine intent on crushing all optimism and hope.

Intervention may be required. Storm fear is no laughing matter. It's a pain I know all too well.

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