A Backwards Appreciation For Shannon Hoon

CDWhen it comes to Shannon Hoon, I've got it all backwards. Hoon was the lead singer for Blind Melon who overdosed on drugs at the age of 28. Their self-titled debut was a smash success spawning a huge hit single and this was followed up by "Soup" which didn't fare nearly as well commercially or critically. It was shortly after the release of "Soup" that Hoon passed away.

Most people speak incredibly highly of "Blind Melon" the album and continue to rave about "No Rain". Heck, over ten years later CFNY Edge 102 continues to play "No Rain" on a daily basis. For most Blind Melon fans, it's all about that first disc. The follow up has been all but forgotten.

This is where I've got it backwards. Although I own that first album, I never play it. Even when "No Rain" was breaking in the early 90s I wasn't a big fan. I prefer "Soup". I still listen to "Soup" fairly regularly and if I'm making an MP3 compilation I'll almost always chuck a tune or two from that album in mix.

I'm a "Soup" guy and that makes me different.

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I agree that Soup is awesome. I love the first disc as well however and actually Nico is my favorite of the three. Shannon Hoon was amazing, as well as his bandmates and they should be remembered for lots of other things besides No Rain.

November 17, 2008 @ 11:53 PM

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