Obtrusive Flash Ads From Bell

Thumbs DownMario Lemieux is using the new math. He says the chances of settling the NHL lockout in time to save part of the 2004-05 season are "50-50." I know this because I read it on this TSN.ca page. I almost didn't stick around though because my browsing was rudely interrupted by an obtrusive flash ad from Bell.

The days of pop-up windows may be long gone but this form of ad is just as annoying. The damn thing automatically forces itself over the text you're trying to read and just when you move your mouse to the tiny x to shut it down it moves again forcing you to miss and open the friggin Bell page. Shame on TSN.ca for resorting to such shifty practices and shame on Bell for thinking this might actually have a positive effect on somebody. Of course, Bell owns TSN.ca and therefore can shoulder all the blame for this one.

I'm adding this to my growing list of reasons to hate Bell and I'm putting TSN.ca on probation. If this continues, I'll become a Sportsnet.ca guy. Just watch me.

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