Jump Around

A RadioPeriodically CFNY Edge 102 will start to play a tune that they completely ignored when first released. This happened recently when they began playing Eminem's "My Name Is" in the fall. When this happens it's usually a song that would have been regarded as off-genre at the time of release, more often than not a hip-hop song by a white artist. This time it's "Jump Around" by House of Pain.

Over the past ten days I've heard "Jump Around" on CFNY Edge 102 at least five times, including this morning. Over the previous thirteen years since the release of their debut album I don't think I heard it spun once. It's a good tune, it's too bad they didn't have the guts to play it when it was current.

For fun, below are the dated references in "Jump Around" that may go over the head of the average teen listening to CFNY Edge 102.

  • "I'll serve your ass like John McEnroe" - It's unlikely kids today even know McEnroe played tennis. If they know him at all it's from his failed ventures into television and perhaps as a tennis commentator.
  • "Or better yet a terminator, Like Arnold Schwarzenegger" - Thanks to Terminator 3, kids will get this reference to the current Governor of California. Note to self: remove from this list.
  • "Try'n to play me out like as if my name was Sega" - I suppose this reference is still relevant because Sega continues to produce popular video games but you know they were talking about the ol' Sega console.

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