Chatting With Custom

EmailEarlier today I mentioned that Custom had left a comment on the SLS page for his hit "Hey Mister", which appeared on SLS7. Although I was fairly certain it was legitimate, I wrote him an email to be certain.

It's the real deal. Custom, or Duane Lavold as he signs his emails, and I exchanged emails throughout the day and it turns out he's a very cool guy. He thought the whole SLS concept was awesome and complimented our taste in tunage. After reading the SLS guide he wrote me the following.

it's really cool what you are doing for music. as the standard bullshit big label thing is crumbling services like yours are going to be more and more important. i think if the audience listens to real music lovers for advice about what to listen to it's a much better source than which label pays the most. let's discuss more later...

What's even cooler is his promise to send me a rough mix or two of the songs he's working on for his new album.

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