Tupac: Resurrection

Tupac: ResurrectionTupac: Resurrection: 6.5 out of 10.

Tupac Shakur stuffed a lot into his twenty five years of life. Of course, he's been even busier since being gunned down, releasing more albums since his death than while he was alive and narrating this pretty good documentary on his life.

I'm a fan of Tupac's music and acting so I was primed and ready to enjoy this documentary. I became a Digital Underground fan following their Sex Packets release in 1990, thanks to the ultra long remix of "Doowutchyalike", a tune I still dig. As a fan, I picked up This is an E.P. Release the next year which contained the semi-hit single "Same Song". On that track, Shock G uttered the famous words "Tupac go ahead and rock this" and the rest is history. While watching "Tupac: Resurrection" they showed Tupac's contribution to this tune and realized I've still got every word memorized. Below is the humble beginnings of what would be a tremendous career cut way too short.

Now I clown around when I hang around with the Underground
Girls use to frown, say I'm down, when I come around
gas me and when they pass me they use to diss me
harrass me, but now they ask me if they can kiss me
Get some fame, people change, wanna live they life high
same song, can't go wrong, if I play the nice guy
(clamin that they must have changed, just because we came strong)
I remain, still the same (why Tu'?) cause it's the same song

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