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Movies on DVDI own a few movies on DVD but I never watch them. In fact, of my collection of approximately twenty, the only discs I actually put in the DVD player and view are seasons of The Simpsons. That's it.

I enjoy movies, and own some that I totally dig, but on the rare occurence that I actually have a free block of time to myself, there are so many other things I'd rather do. Perhaps I'll watch a flick for the first time or something I've taped off television, there's always work to do on this site or another personal project, there's work I could do around the house, there are kids to play with, business to catch up on, classic Simpsons episodes to watch, you get the idea.

This is where movies are so different from music. I constantly immerse myself in music. It's playing when I'm on the computer, it's on when we're eating dinner, it's always around me, but it doesn't require I stop what I'm doing and focus upon it. It's just there. With movies, you have to put life on hold while you sit in front of the television for about two hours concentrating on the story. Furthermore, if you're chilling with your girl, you have to agree on the flick. I think Taryn is pretty sick of Fight Club.

It's been years since I've purchased a DVD other than a season of The Simpsons. I don't expect that streak to end any time soon. That's just the way I'm wired these days.

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