LadyThis note ain't for you, it's for the Gap. A month ago, our televisions were inundated with Gap commercials featuring Sarah Jessica Parker bopping to Lenny Kravitz' "Lady". "Lady" is a new tune of his from his new album "Baptism". This advertisement was the first time we all heard this tune, and that's the problem.

Now, CFNY Edge 102 has begun spinning this track. Every time I hear it, I only think of one thing: Sarah Jessica Parker bopping around in an ad for the Gap. It's no longer the new single from Lenny Kravitz but the theme for an advertising campaign. There is no separating the art from the product.

Spinning this tune is a form of payola, only it's not accepting cash to play a tune but playing a tune to advertise brand name clothing during the biggest consumer month of the calendar year. I dare anyone to hear this song on the radio and not think about the Gap. It's only possible if you don't own a television. Strike it from your playlist CFNY Edge 102, it's not a song but an advertisement.

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