Celebrating a Year of Good Sleeping

Celebrating a Year of Good SleepingThis week we celebrate one full year of James sleeping soundly through the night. As I detailed in this entry, we Ferberized him and he's been the world's greatest sleeper for 365 days now.

The nightly routine is as follows. At about 19:00 he has a bath, at about 19:20 he gets out, brushes his teeth and take his puffer. Then, at about 19:30, he puts on his pajamas, crawls into bed and waits for Daddy to read him four stories. The stories he requests, in order and without exception, are The Simpsons 2004 Calendar, Goodnight Moon, The Bear In The Big Blue House's I Love Weather and The Bear In The Big Blue House's I Love Bedtime. Then it's a hug and kiss from Daddy and Mommy and lights out.

The little dude sleeps soundly all night long and awakes any time between 08:00 and 09:30. It's been a year of awesome sleep for him and for us until we blew it by having Michelle. She's worth a little less sleep, she's so damn cute!

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