Brushing With Pooh

WeakUsually we buy a new tube of toothpaste well before the current tube expires, but yesterday, it was abundantly clear that we urgently needed more. It somehow slipped Taryn's mind yesterday because I awoke this morning to find there wasn't even enough for a brief brushing.

If you're going to skip a brushing, you don't want it to be in the morning. That's the most important brush of the day and without it you just feel dirty. As a result, I turned to James' Oral B Stages toothpaste with Winnie the Pooh on the label. Toothpaste is toothpaste, right?

Wrong. This toothpaste was W.E.A.K. I knew it was low fluoride for the kiddies, but this felt like no fluoride. It was so mild, if felt as if I was brushing my teeth with a tasty gel completely void of cleansing agents. I would have been just as well off brushing with water.

I won't be turning to Winnie the Pooh for dental care again.

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