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Best Blogs?While catching up on the news of the day, I just learned the 2004 Weblog Award Winners were announced today. I didn't win an award, but I did visit the blogs of those who did win. I'm less than impressed.

For example, the Best Canadian Blog went to a site called small dead animals. I had never been there before so I was anxious to read the best blog in the land. It's okay, I guess. Not particularly entertaining or enlightening and a rather poor design. I peaked at the source code too and it's miles away from being valid. There is no way small dead animals is the best we've got.

Best Blog Overall went to a site called Power Line. I tried to read this blog, but I found it rather dry and boring. Once again the design left a great deal to be desired and the source code was far from valid, but I might be the only one who thinks that's relevant. The bottom line is, I didn't bookmark it and won't be back.

Looking for a well designed, aesthetically appealing blog, I decided to visit the site named Best Blog Design, Cold Fury. I was underwhelmed, if that's a word. It looks like a hundred other blogs I've come across in my travels. I ask you, what is particularly well designed about this site. Furthermore, would you even say for certain that Cold Fury, the site that was named the Best Blog Design in the world, is any more appealing to the eye than the one you're reading right now?

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