An Awful, Awful Song

An Awful, Awful SongCFNY Edge 102 has been playing "Me Against The World" from Simple Plan on fairly heavy rotation. This tune has even been on their Thursday 30 chart for the past couple of weeks.

It's horrible. It's the whiney, poppy, pathetic sound I can't stand. Sure, they're from Montreal and they get points for being Canadian, but that didn't save them from being listed alongside Good Charlotte and Not By Choice in my Bands I Hate entry from August 2003. Hell, their own website defines them as a "power-pop band". Why is CFNY Edge 102 playing this tune? It's the kind of tune they typically ignore. Are they this desperate for CanCon?

Simple Plan simply stinks and should be relegated to the pre-teen pop stations. "Me Against The World" is an awful, awful song.

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