Toronto Sports Shorts

Toronto Sports ShortsWho needs the Leafs on a night like tonight in the big smoke? It's been a great night for sports fans in this city. Some random sports notes at this hour...

  • The Argos are crushing the Tiger-Cats in the East semifinal. It's now 24 to zip in our favour and we're on our way back to Montreal. Arrrgoooooos!!!!
  • I know we're only two games into the regular season, but already the Raptors are sure showing something special. Tonight was another entertaining up-tempo game and a big victory against a tough opponent. Who needs Vince when you have Loren Woods and Chris Bosh?
  • I'm digging the "Bawitaba" intro for the Raptors at the ACC. It's right there with the Leafs' "Beautiful People" intro we won't be able to see this season.

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