RestraintI applaud Toronto's army of craptacular radio stations for showing such restraint this year. It's already November 18th, and not one of the usual suspects have modified their format to all holiday music, all the time.

Last year I questioned how this emerging format could sustain itself playing 24/7 carols for such an extended period of time. Last November 28th I noted that both EZ Rock 97.3 and CHFI 98.1 had done it. Imagine hearing the same fifteen tunes over and over again for over a month. The thought of that upsets my stomach as much as the thought of living on McDonalds 24/7 for a month. It's an eerily similar effect.

Of course, it's only November 18th and there is still plenty of time for a station to cave in and go all Christmas, all the time. In fact, it looks as if CHFI will do just that beginning December 10th.

I still think they've shown some restraint.

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