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On Monday, Barry Bonds won his unprecedented seventh MVP award. That is four more than his nearest competitor. Anyone who thinks that Barry Bonds isn't the most valuable player in all of baseball, doesn't understand the meaning of the word valuable. There is no debate against anyone who reaches base safely over 60% of the time! The numbers are astronomical! You don't have to respect the man to respect his talent.


Stevie Boy, you're preaching to the choir. Go here and you'll read what I once wrote about Barry Bonds. "Many dislike Barry Bonds. He's short with reporters and fans and not the easiest guy to root for. As for pure baseball talent, there may be none better. Pitchers fear Bonds' power so much, they rarely pitch to him. He was once intentionally walked with the bases loaded in an 8-6 game. In fact, he was walked a whopping 198 times in 2002. He's also the only man to hit 73 home runs in a single season and slug .863 in a season, as Bonds did in 2001. The man is certainly the best player of his generation and you've got to respect that."

He's certainly the best I've ever seen. He deserves every one of those seven MVP awards.

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