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Guest Blog SubmissionAnyone is welcome to submit a Guest Blog Entry to I received the following submission earlier today.

To the Canadian people at large. I consider today the thoughts of the recent election of our Americans neighbours and only now can I come to grips and make comment on the resultant. The American people have spoken. Bush has 51% of the popular vote. I personally feel dumbfounded to see that this "war president" can be so popular. I feel Senator Kerry won the three debates with Bush, conducted a flawless campaign and offered the American people, and yes the world for that matter, a new chance for a fresh start. Kerry was defeated simply by a mixture of the Conservative / Religious Rightwing & and a concept that I can only conclude as "total ignorance" of the fearful. Case in point, to believe this man, Bush, will bring about a successful conclusion on this war of terror, doomed the hopes of the Democrats and most of the world. Of the "fearfully ignorant" of America who have placed their hopes in the hands of a man like Bush, who on the morning on September 11, while America was under a devastating attack and 3,500 Americans were facing a horrible death, chose to sit and read a children's story called "The Pet Goat", I don't share your confidence.

I think spiritual prayer is one of man's most cherished gifts from our creator, if you wish to call him (or her) that. Prayer meditation is something that almost everyone in the world does on a desired basis. Everyone a talks to their God, or Gods, or Higher power -what ever you like to call it- to receive happiness and peace of mind. It scares me to the marrow of by bones to hear that Bush has said that he talks to God and/or Jesus on a daily basis and God and/or Jesus has spoken back to him. If this is what the religious right wing of America has put their faith in a man who has had a drunk driving conviction and can't seem to shake off the stigma of whispers that their candidate has had indulgences with illegal narcotic substances in his past; again, a horrible demonstration of mistaken confidence.

We Canadians can take some solace in this international disappointment; Our Liberal minority Government is today in a very strong position. The existing Opposition party in Canada for today, is known as the "Conservatives". These opportunistic and ambitious M.P's in Stephen Harper's caucus are very pro-Bush. This party wants military alliances with America and a tax system as in the United States. This will destroy the fabric of who we are. This party waits for the unguarded moment to strike and take away our Social safety nets. What ever these "Reformers," Canadian Alliance Party" or what ever these George Bush lovers propose call themselves in the next Federal election, at least know one thing:today 75% of the Canadian people disdain (not the American people) but George Bush personally. The religious right wing of America is not to dissimilar to what you see the Albertan bred Conservative Party of Canada. Out of the disappointment of an American election on November 2/'04 the seeds of another majority Liberal Government have been planted and will flourish when ever the opposition party of Canada foolishly topples the Liberal Minority Government, forcing Canadian people back to the polls.

The Republican Party was founded to end slavery. The Republican Party's first President was Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln was of course, America's greatest President. To think of Lincoln and other great Republicans like Theodore Roosevelt and Dwight D. Eisenhower, These great men, where ever they are today must be shaking their heads in contempt when they see how their party is led in this present day. Where is Americana heading? For a country that forged the Bill of Rights, Wagner Act, Lend Lease, Marshal Plan and put a man on the moon, I see only a bleak horizon and a plundered treasury. This self confessed "war president" has promised to be open with the Democrats (those who knew the truth of what Bush stands for) and has promised to listen to them others. Since Bush has the backing of the American Senate, and Congress, not to mention an endorsement of the American people that he has done a great job in the last for years, I see this to be unlikely. What more can be expected of a man who as of late only speaks to God. I feel us mortals of this green Earth of ours just won't rate when it comes to catching George Bush's substantially large ear. I'll end this drudgery by saying one thing the President; Mr. President, too bad for all of us hockey fans that there is no hockey this year. Guess you can't watch the Washington Capitals play, and lose to the Leafs. Nevertheless, the Washington Redskins are in action this year; do enjoy the game, and have a pretzel, eat lots of them. To quote you Mr. President "It's hard work" to be so unwanted in this world. But ONLY you made it look all so easy Mr. President.


Drew, that's a long one. It's important we vent our frustration, accept the situation and move on. This has been bumming me out since yesterday morning, but I'm trying to let it go. As surprising as it is to us Canucks, it wasn't a dream, it did happen, and life will continue. The lack of NHL hockey has also been frustrating me, but again I have no control. These are the cards we've been dealt and we've got to play them.

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