A Word About Strippergate

A Word About StrippergateImmigration Minister Judy Sgro has been under attack this week because of our government's policy of admitting foreign exotic dancers to work in Canada. Essentially, strip clubs in this country can't find enough "talent" from the pool of Canadian-born women and have been recruiting women from other countries. These immigrants are granted special work visas enabling them to come and stay in Canada.

I'm wondering how you prove stripping is a skill you behold. Considering this is being used as a way for some women to jump the immigration line, is it as simple as putting "stripper" next to the "Occupation" line on your application to enter this country? There has to be some criteria as to what exactly defines a stripper, much like there's criteria as to what exactly defines a doctor, engineer or plumber.

First and foremost, we want our strippers to be aesthetically pleasing. A fit body and fairly pretty face is a prerequisite. Also, some rhythm is required when dancing with that pole. These are rather subjective traits, so I assume there's a bureaucratic body that would review the woman's performance and deem them Canadian stripper-worthy, or not. Each applicant is judged on a scale of one to ten on body, face and grace. The highest and lowest scores for each is dropped and the remaining scores are averaged together. Then, if the final score is greater than X, she's granted her special work visa and welcomed to our home and native land.

To do it any other way would be unfair to our hard-working strip club attendees.

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