Hard Drive Hell

Hard Drive HellMy secondary hard drive, the one I got last December, has stopped spinning. This really pisses me off.

It's still under warranty with Maxtor but that only means they'll replace it if I ship them my busted one. What I really want is the data residing on my failed drive. This 80GB drive housed my multimedia, including over 40GB of MP3s. When I originally ripped my collection to MP3, I ripped them at a bit rate of 128. Then, in a wise preventive measure in case of hard drive failure, I backed up all of my MP3s on CD. Subsequently, I've re-ripped my CD collection to MP3s that are a bit rate of 160. The end result was over 40GB and the thought of burning these to CD 700MB at a time led me to a decision to wait until I had a DVD burner at which time I'd copy it to DVDs and save me a great deal of aggravation. In hindsight, this was a terrible idea. I have now lost weeks and weeks of work.

I don't expect any sympathy as I blame myself for not backing everything up. Hard drive failures happen, it's a fact of life. I'm now faced with a decision. Do I rip my collection for a third time? If I do, do I up the bit rate to 192 or higher? Do I remain content with the MP3s I do have with a 128 bitrate and only re-rip my absolute favourites at a higher quality?

Who am I kidding? 192kbps, here I come. Thanks Maxtor.

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