Pulp Prequel

Pulp PrequelOnce again, rumours of a Pulp Fiction prequel are making the rounds. This time, John Travolta lit the spark by telling the press Quentin Tarantino calls him every six months to discuss a movie about the Vega brothers.

I loved Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs and I'd love to see a Tarantino movie about the Vega brothers. We would have to suspend belief somewhat though. I just saw Michael Madsen in Kill Bill: Volume 2 and he's looking more than a little rough around the edges. I suppose if he and Travolta go on a serious weight loss regimen and they use soft lighting and the right lens we could somewhat buy the fact it's a Pulp Fiction prequel.

I'm willing to do just that to see the Vega brothers in another Tarantino gem. Now is Quentin just going to talk about this movie forever or is there a plan to actually make it? Lets do this while the two principles are still alive. Remember, Travolta flies his own planes...

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