Johnny Ramone

Johnny RamoneExactly three months ago today I wrote about the curse of The Ramones. News had surfaced that Johnny Ramone was losing his battle with cancer and this morning we learned he had passed away at his Los Angeles home surrounded by friends and family. It's indeed tragic what is happening to The Ramones.

Within the past few years Joey Ramone died of lymphatic cancer and Dee Dee Ramone died from a drug overdose. Drummer Tommy Ramone is now the only surviving member of the original band. As I wrote three months ago, in the 1970s, The Ramones were punk pioneers, paving the way for bands like the Sex Pistols and Clash. Much of what I listen to today would not have existed if it were not for this New York quartet. How is it that three quarters of this band has died prematurely? It's all so sad.

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