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Guest Blog SubmissionAnyone is welcome to submit a Guest Blog Entry to I received the following submission earlier today.

Hi I have been debating with my husband for some time now about a piece of sports memorabillia. My husband has a hockey stick from 1973 with Darryl Sittler's original signature on it along with all of his team members at the time. My husband polishes it regularly as he has mounted into a glass case to keep the signatures in MINT CONDITION. He loves that thing more than life itself and he says that he is sitting on a gold mine lol. RIGHT SURE I BELIEVE HIM (Not!!!!!).

So now I am asking you. Give me the digs on what you think the actual price tag would be on his precious stick.

     Kim (The wife who is completely out to lunch when it comes to knowing the worth of sports memorabilia)

That's a very cool collectable. The '73 Leafs not only had Darryl Sittler, but also Dave Keon, Norm Ullman, Ron Ellis and Bob Baun. Oh yeah, and the '73 Leafs had Mr. 32-Years-Ago-Today himself Paul Henderson.

I don't really follow the world of sports collectables, so I couldn't give you an accurate estimation myself, but I'm thinking such a stick would be worth around $400. If someone out there has a more educated guess, please write Kim or tell us all.

I wonder what my Eddie Olcyk autograph is worth today. Hmmmm.

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