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Guest Blog SubmissionAnyone is welcome to submit a Guest Blog Entry to I received the following submission earlier today.

HeyYa Mike. I've sparked quite the controversy around the water cooler here at work. You (much like I) was a child of the 80's. Think back to the day where Mom took you to McDonalds for some eats. You got your little happy meal, and all was good in the world. Some 20 years later, you remember the old days, but some things slip from your memory. Thus, my quandry. Everybody remembers the "A List" characters of McDonald-land. We had Ronald, Grimmace, Hamburglar and the ever hated Birdie. But what about the lesser known "B List"? What about the Cop who had a Quarter Pounder for a head? Also, there was the Pirate! What the heck was his name?

Keep up the good work,

     Mark Sarookanian

I remember the McDonaldland characters well. The "A List" was made up of head mucky-muck Ronald McDonald, Barbapapa wannabee Grimace, the sinister Hamburglar, Birdie the Early Bird and the Fry Guys. The "B List" characters seem to have disappeared over the years. They consisted of Mayor McCheese, Big Mac, The Professor and Captain Crook. The cop you're talking about with a Quarter Pounder for a head was actually Big Mac and his head, appropriately enough, was a Big Mac and not a Quarter Pounder.

Back in the day, McDonaldland was a fully functioning community. Mayor McCheese was their political leader and his chief of police, Big Mac, was kept busy by the criminal duo of Hamburglar and Captain Crook. Of those four, only the Hamburglar has survived and he doesn't seem nearly as sinister these days. The Fry Guys have also been victimized by the PC-90s. They're now called the Fry Kids and include female members! Is nothing sacred?

By the way, I have a story about Ronald McDonald I'll share one day soon. Don't let me forget.

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