Canadian Idol

Canadian IdolYeah, I watched Canadian Idol last night. What's it to you? Does it make me less of a man because I tuned in to the finale of this schlock-fest? Possibly...but everyone needs a guilty pleasure or two, right?

I always pity the two finalists when they have to sing the first single the winner will eventually have to release. It's the only original song they sing throughout the entire competition and it's always terrible. We heard poor Kalan and Theresa belt out "Awake In A Dream" and prayed for it to end. Thankfully, they each sang a couple of covers too but the style of both of these singers bore me to tears. I can tolerate Theresa more than I can tolerate that hobbit Kalan, but neither are anything I'd ever want to hear again.

For the record, I think Kalan will win easily even though Theresa was the better of the two last night. I'm thinking most of the votes are coming from pre-teen females and Kalan's girlish, boy-band looks are custom made for them. He had this won before the top ten were even selected.

Even picky eaters enjoy a big fat slice of cheese now and then. Please don't hold it against me.

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