VisitorsI was doing some work around the house earlier today when I heard a knock at the door. I wasn't expecting anyone, so I probably should have ignored it, but I ended up dropping what I was doing to open the door.

Two well dressed young women wanted to talk to me about the bible. How nice of them. One of them did all the talking and reminded me that we're living in tumultuous times. There were many questions and she had all the answers in the palm of her hand. I told her I wasn't in the mood to convert today and she gave me a big smile and left me some further reading on the bible and it's role in this topsy turvy universe.

These girls sincerely believed the answers to all of life's problems were in this one book. Oh how I envy them. Am I overcomplicating everything? Maybe they're right. Maybe this 3000 year old book written by about 40 men is the easy answer to all of life's not-so-easy questions...


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