The Other League

The Other LeagueI've never written about the other league. Every week I post the score from my slo-pitch league and I maintain a page for our team where you can view the results of our games and our batting statistics, but I never write about the other league I play in.

I call it the beer league. There's far less pressure because nobody takes it too seriously, and several of my teammates actually drink beer throughout the game, hence the nickname. I use these games to hone my skills for the league that matters and I've never felt compelled to write about it...until now.

Tonight, we entered the top half of the ninth inning down by seven. I can't remember the exact score at the time, but it was something like 12-5. Batting in the ninth, the impossible happened. We scored nine runs and shut down our opponents in the bottom half of the inning to secure a two run victory. It would have been all too easy to fold up like a cheap suit, but there was something special in the air on this particular evening.

It felt awesome. Even in a crappy softball league there's nothing like overcoming a seven run deficit in the ninth.

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Hmmm .. now that you have entered your own team in the "beer league" and left us beer drinkers, maybe your team should have had a few beers in order to not have the "beer drinkin team" beat your ass! haha .. luv ya Mike!

May 22, 2008 @ 8:53 PM

Toronto Mike

Ha ha...

All that matter is that I played well, don't you know that. And I ruled!

May 22, 2008 @ 9:05 PM

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