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Scissor TalkOne of my first posts ever to this blog was about how much I hate haircuts. I dread the entire process of going to the barber, sitting there and having your hair cut. I endured this process this morning.

The lady cutting my hair today was making idle chit-chat and was telling me how lucky I was to be married nine years because the dating scene in Toronto is brutal. She started telling me about how her cousin used to cry about how horrible the men in Toronto were but moved to New York for a new job and soon after found a husband. I was feigning interest in her story like I usually do when she casually mentioned that her cousin left a gig at City-TV for this job in New York. She had my attention and I asked for her cousin's name. Her cousin's name is Mary Garofalo.

What Torontonian doesn't remember Mary Garofalo from her days at City-TV in the late 80s? I certainly do, and I remember her leaving for an anchor job at a New York station. This led to a job on the national show A Current Affair for six years and now she's here.

Now I wonder where Ziggy Lorenc is these days...

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Steve W.

Mary Garofalo appears to be one of the subjects in a book about how people met their future husbands and wives. It is called Crowded Maze and is written by T.V. sportscaster Randy Steinman.
If anyone has read it, I would be interested in knowing more about Mary's story. She and Kathryn Humphries are probably my all-time favourite CITY reporters.

April 5, 2008 @ 2:39 AM

janet green

Mary lives in Manhattan. She is still happily married to her lawyer husband and she is the mother of 2 little boys.
She left FOX news last April where she worked as the senior investigative reporter.

June 23, 2008 @ 11:18 PM

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