My Cassettes

My CassettesI've been going through a bunch of my old stuff cleaning out the crap. One box I stumbled upon in the cellar was filled with my cassette tape collection.

I wasn't sure what to do with my old cassettes. I'm 100% sure I'll never, ever play them again. As technology goes, cassette tapes are pretty damn obsolete in my world. Even my CDs are now stored away as I access my music in MP3. I probably should have thrown all my tapes in the garbage. Simplify, simplify...right?

I did throw out quite a few of my old cassette tapes, but I couldn't part with all of them. It was the musical format of my youth and how I listened to music in the 80s. I held onto a small box of tapes for strictly nostalgic purposes so I can recall my teenage Walkman years. I simply couldn't chuck them all. I think it's worth keeping them around so I can freak out the kids in about ten years.

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