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First Eatons, then Future Shop, then Molson and now The Bay? That's great!

No, really! I mean, what's so bad about merging with the States? The privatized Health care system is only given to those who are wealthy enough to afford it, our government could take away our civil liberties and control our radio and TV frequencies. Hey! We could live in a society where fear and war-mongering are acceptable forms of control!

We go to sleep tonight with a country that belongs to us, and we wake up tomorrow with our heads up our own arses saying "Ruff" instead of "Roof", being governed by a cowboy with the IQ of an African Bobo Monkey, and being hated on by the rest of the world (civilized or not!)

I'd prefer to stay independant from our gun-toting, paranoid neighbours. As the old saying goes, "it was nice to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there"


Oh, but our government does control our radio and TV frequencies. I'm afraid we're not much more free than the United States in this department. The CRTC recently revoked the license of CHOI-FM in Quebec City for its "offensive" morning hosts. I remember when Howard Stern's show was aired in Canada, Q107 was reprimanded for comments Stern made about French Canadians. Furthermore, I can't even get HBO legally. That's the real shame.

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