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I have a different opinion on the aunt and uncle issue. By far many of my friends were better aunts and uncles to my children then the blood line. You are not an uncle simply because you are part of the family. I had a very sour situation with my brother as an uncle. I believe you must earn this title and some of my friends definitely earn that right far more than a family member. So to anyone who is an intricate part of a child's life they have earned the title aunt or uncle hands down in my opinion. Amen.


We've got quite the debate raging here. There are exceptions to every rule, but on the whole I think the "uncle" and "aunt" labels are handed out a little too freely. Personally, I'm Uncle Mike to Ryan's son Zander, but I wouldn't be comfortable being "Uncle Mike" to a friend's child. That doesn't mean I don't care about the child, it's just that I'm simply Mike to them.

Does anyone else want to chime in on the debate?

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