Brody Dalle on SLS?

Brody DalleSuddenly a note from Scott Simpson from the 680News Storm Centre doesn't seem quite as big a deal. Back in January, I wrote about Finger Eleven's lead singer Scott Anderson and his post to our SLS Finger Eleven - "One Thing" discussion page. I thought it was pretty cool that he took the time to explain the meaning behind "One Thing" on a site I maintain.

Earlier today a post was made on the page for The Distillers' "Drain the Blood" by Brody Dalle. For those who don't know, Brody Dalle is the lead singer for The Distillers. You can read her post on this page.

Anyone can sign their name as Brody Dalle so I did some investigation to see if it's legit. It certainly reads as a legitimate post by Brody Dalle, but it could also be some fan trying to fool visitors to SLS. As administrator for the site, I have access to the IP address for everyone who posts on the site. With this IP address, I visited a handy-dandy Reverse IP Lookup page and determined that Brody Dalle had written her post from an ISP located out of Amsterdam, NL. A visit to The Distillers : Tour page shows they are playing the Reading Festival in Great Britain today and they played a show in The Netherlands as recently as August 22, 2004. I sincerely believe this post is legitimate. Brody Dalle's note is below.

hi guys im really thankfull gor your support it honestly dpes mean alot to me and the band ....well letty im so so thankfull for ur support especially becoz u r the only 1 that i have seen on this sight that has actually shown true compassion to my feelins ....the whole tim thing is over so y are u ppl still goin on about it ...shows u have no lives becoz u r dwelling on the past ....letty i would have rather not u sed those things abaout tim and what has happend...i no u were tryin to get ppl off my back tho so thankyou really ..well im off love u all xxx

p.s im flattered u guys think im hot

I'm a big fan of The Distillers and I think this is pretty damn cool.

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How come I am only learning about this now via a belated trackback to SLS?

March 17, 2006 @ 6:16 AM

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