Bad Santa

Bad SantaBad Santa: 7 out of 10.

Actually, the movie we watched on DVD last night was called Badder Santa and was the unrated raunchier version of Bad Santa. I'm glad we didn't start this one until after James went to bed, because some of the scenes in this flick would do far more psychological damage to a two year old than all the gun play and graphic sex you can imagine. This was indeed one bad Santa.

Billy Bob Thornton has always rubbed me the wrong way. Something about him creeps me out and with a few exceptions (Sling Blade & A Simple Plan) I've managed to avoid most of his work. In this role as a disgruntled, alcoholic con man, however, he's great. It's really raunchy, but damn funny with a surprising amount of heart thrown in for good measure.

Enjoy the flick, just make sure your two year old is sound asleep in order to preserve his or her pure vision of St. Nick. I know I'll never look at a department store Santa the same again.

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Tina Blain

Any one have an idea on where to buy this movie in Toronto? i've tried the major stores with no luck.

December 26, 2008 @ 9:52 PM

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