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Disable AutoRun!Way back in October, I wrote about new anticopying technology from SunnComm Technologies. The objective here is to restrict PC users from ripping CDs into MP3s. At the time, I thought the whole thing sucked and my entry was to remind people that they can suppress the AutoRun feature in Windows by holding down the SHIFT key.

RCA has released "Contraband", the debut from Velvet Revolver, with this anticopy technology installed. When you run the CD on your computer, Windows will automatically look for a file called Autorun.inf on the CD. This is the default setting in Windows. It will then automatically run the application.

Do yourself a favour and disable AutoRun. Not just so companies like RCA can't force you to install their shitty software so you can't listen to the music you purchased in your own way, but because AutoRun is dangerous. There are a lot of spyware and viruses distributed on CDs, it makes sense to disable such a security flaw. Besides, if you're like me, you'll want to rip "Contraband" to enjoy this fine compact disc. My buddy Greg was nice enough to give me this album, unfortunately it's edited and I need my swears.

Go here and follow the instructions so you too can disable AutoRun.

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