Christina Replies

Christina RepliesYesterday morning I received a Guest Blog submission from a Christina who called me bad names but didn't tell me why. You can read her entry here.

She left her email address, so I wrote her to ask her why she thought I was stupid, a loser and a jerk. It's not an inaccurate description of me, but without context I can't know for certain. I got a reply from Christina last night, and here's what she had to say.

tina said something about GC saying they are so punk. and u said it was the stupidest thing u have heard and your goingto send it to everybody u know!

why do u have to be so mean to someone 4 what band they like! thats really stupid!

Oh yes, I remember now. Way back in November 2003, Tina posted a comment to the Good Charlotte - Girls and Boys discussion on our SLS page. She said, and this is an exact quote...

You all suck! You don't know what your talking about!!!! Good charlotte is the best punk act of all time. You can't say they aren't punk, they have the peircings and tattooes to prove it! Your all stupid and jelous that they have so much talent and are soooooo awesome. And what would you know about punk you probably just like the critics and trust fund kids they sing about. Your living in the past.

I remember reading her comments and replying with the following comment that upset Christina enough to write a Guest Blog about it yesterday. I wrote the following...

Tina, your post is the funniest thing I've read in a long, long time. Your line that "Good Charlotte is the best punk act of all time" is pure gold. I'm copying your post and sending it to everyone I know. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

The only thing funnier than your post is your email addy. I'm scared!!!! Tina is hardcore!!! Tina called me stupid and jealous!!!! day you're going to turn 16 and become quite embarassed at your proclamation above. Don't worry. A long, long time ago, I thought Duran Duran was cool. We're none of us perfect. Thanks again for the laugh.

Christina, I want to thank you for bringing me back to that fateful day in November so I could have myself a much needed laugh. I've been rather busy lately dealing with the many stresses life throws our way, and I've forgotten how important it is to stop, smell the roses and have a good chuckle now and then. I'd also like to thank Tina once again for writing what I still believe to be the funniest thing I've ever read. "Good Charlotte is the best punk act of all time" is pure gold and I'm going to once again send it to everyone I know. You two have made my day...hell, you've made my year.

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