SanitizedTBS has purchased syndication rights for HBO's Sex in the City and will begin airing episodes next week.

As anyone who's watched a movie on TBS knows, they censor the hell out of whatever they're showing to ensure not a naughty word or image makes it to air. As anyone who's watched Sex in the City knows, it's full of naughty words and images. As a result, "Sex in the City" has had to undergo major surgery to become clean enough for TBS.

Instead of Mr. Big's famous phrase "Abso-fucking-lutely" you'll simply hear "Absolutely". I would imagine we'll be hearing a lot less from Samantha and a lot more from Charlotte. All the crude references will be gone and all the graphic sex scenes will disappear.

In my opinion, Sex in the City is all about the blunt verbiage and open sexuality. If you sanitize it for TBS, you're killing it. Anyone who's ever seen an episode on HBO will be turned off and anyone else will be far better off getting a hold of the DVD. I don't see the point. Am I missing the point?

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