Pearl Jam's Greatest Hits

Pearl Jam's Greatest HitsSpeaking of the devils, Pearl Jam will release their first ever greatest hits album before Christmas. I'm not so interested in the disc itself because I already possess everything they've released and more, but I'm very curious as to what the tracklist will look like.

Assuming they go with a single disc, what songs will make the cut? The Pearl Jam catalogue is not only vast but it's also pretty damn sweet. Ten alone could be a Greatest Hits album, as could Vs. or Vitalogy for that matter.

I'm going to list the tunes I think will be represented on the Pearl Jam Greatest Hits CD later this year. I haven't heard a stitch about potential tracklists, so this is entirely based on my educated guess. The following songs as they appear on their respective studio albums come in at just under 80 minutes.

  1. Even Flow
  2. Alive
  3. Jeremy
  4. Black
  5. Daughter
  6. Go
  7. Animal
  8. Dissadent
  9. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
  10. Spin The Black Circle
  11. Better Man
  12. Nothingman
  13. Cordoroy
  14. Hail, Hail
  15. Who You Are
  16. Given To Fly
  17. Do The Evolution
  18. Nothing As It Seems
  19. I Am Mine

When the tracklist is released, we'll see how I did. If you think I missed a hit that will definitely make their Greatest Hits, Blog away.

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