Hotmail Sucks

Hotmail SucksI'm always surprised by the number of people who use Hotmail addresses as their primary email account. I'm at the point now where I'm basically going to refuse to email someone if all I have for them is a Hotmail address. A guy on our slo-pitch team just sent an email to everyone requesting that we reply back letting him know if we'll be at the Monday night double header. This guy, who otherwise is a fine chap, sent this email from a Hotmail account. Can you guess where I'm going with this?

Sure enough, I replied with an "I'll be there" and promptly received an email from my buddy Mailer Daemon letting me know my message couldn't be delivered. In 2004, 2 MB is laughably small for storage capacity. A friend of mine just emailed me images of a mutual friend's pond and each picture was about 2 MB. It certainly wouldn't take much to fill such an account at which point you stop receiving email. The email I sent this guy about Monday's double header bounced back and I'm way too busy and lazy to try again later. It's a one shot deal and thanks to Hotmail he's SOL.

If you want a free email account and you don't want to wait for Gmail, go with Yahoo!. Stable, secure and I'm getting 6 MB. F-Microsoft.

By the way, Kic, I'll be there on Monday night.

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