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Guest Blog SubmissionAnyone is welcome to submit a Guest Blog Entry to I received the following submission earlier today.

Ok Mike I would expect better from you, Your Simpsons expose has the wrong picture for the Simpsons season 3 and the price your quote, "Nobody has that (price), Not even Mexico". Come on now. Keep it current and Up To date!


Again with the exclamation mark after the name. Who do you think you are? Yahoo!?

I'm aware the picture next to my entry about Season Four is really the DVD cover for Season Three, but I already had the image and didn't realize Ahmad! would be paying such attention to detail. It's nice to see you've got some time on your hands though. Good for you.

As for the price I quoted, a credible online source swears that's the retail price. A guy on my slo-pitch team who also works for HMV has mentioned they're selling Season Four for $44.99. Eat my shorts.

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