Gas Prices

Gas PricesEarlier this week I received three emails from people telling me not to buy gasoline yesterday. You probably had this email forwarded to you. This mass strike was going to wreak havoc with the gas companies and the price was going to drop as a result.

I didn't need to fill up on gas yesterday, so I did my part. Today, gas prices in the GTA are mainly in the low 90s. I saw 91.2 this morning. It doesn't appear this hold-out had any effect. Why would it? They know they have this car-loving society by the proverbial gonads.

At almost a buck a litre filling up the tank is painful. Unfortunately, I have to do exactly that this afternoon. Being the long weekend and all, you need fuel to drive from A to B. Where the hell is that car that runs on garbage that I saw at the end of Back to the Future?

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