$16.50We just got back from Ottawa. Taryn's Grandmother had an eightieth birthday party so we made the long road trip east for the occasion. The birthday party was held in a restaurant in the Chateau Laurier Hotel, way too swanky an establishment for my liking. I would have held it at Kelsey's or Pizza Hut but that's just me.

For those who don't know the Chateau Laurier Hotel in Ottawa it looks like a damn castle and it's right by the Parliament Buildings. We had to be there for five and I was running a little late so I didn't have time to hunt for free parking in downtown Ottawa. As a result, I had to park at the Chateau Laurier Hotel underground parking lot and I had to keep my car there for almost four hours. Alternative options did not exist.

After the dinner and dessert we prepared to pay our dues with the parking attendant. As I approached the booth, I got my ten dollar bill ready so I could make a quick escape. That's when he punched my card and asked for $16.50. That's right, $16.50. Parking a few hours to visit this restaurant in Ottawa cost me $16.50.

Paying that much for parking really hurts. I could win a million dollars in the lottery next week and I'd still get upset over the $16.50 parking tab. I'm a great deal like George Costanza in this regard. I hate to pay through the nose for anything that I might be able to score for free with a little effort. It never cost me $16.50 to park at Pizza Hut.

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